Solved - see Buo's suggestion below

I'm using ikiwiki on a shell account/hosting site where I can build but have no root privileges. I went to build 2.49 last night, but make fails with the following error:

/home/telemachus/bin/perl -Iblib/lib   ikiwiki.out -libdir . -setup docwiki.setup -refresh
docwiki.setup: Failed to load plugin IkiWiki::Plugin::inline: Too many arguments for IkiWiki::htmlize at IkiWiki/Plugin/ line 359, near "))"
Compilation failed in require at (eval 14) line 2.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 14) line 2.

BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 10) line 21.

make: *** [extra_build] Error 255

I looked at that patch of, but nothing obvious jumped out at me, and I'm reluctant to tinker with it on my own. Other details that may be useful:

  • perl is 5.10.0 (built myself on the account, rather than the system perl)
  • The host system is Debian Etch
  • Kernel is a custom 2.6.16-xen kernel
  • Gcc 4.1.2

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

See this report: 2.45 Compilation error

I don't know if this is the same problem you're seeing, but it looks similar. The issue is unresolved AFAICT, but I haven't had a chance to try 2.49 yet.

The only workaround I've found is to completely remove any previous ikiwiki installation that might be present on the system. --Buo

Thanks, Buo. I removed the traces of the previous ikiwiki, and I was able to install. No luck getting the new search plugin to work, but we'll leave that for another day. Thanks again.

Quick follow-up: 2.50 compiled and installed without a hitch. Just thought I would mention it...

closing as a duplicate of 2.45 Compilation error