Is there any way to get IkiWiki to display a file's Last Edited date from the input file's mtime?

I have a bunch of pages that have been imported from another wiki. Their Last Edited dates are all shown as today, the day they were imported, even though their mtimes are all two years ago or older. It's important to me that these files display the correct Last Edited date so that it's obvious that they all appear suitably stale.

The actual mtime of the output file can be whatever works best for IkiWiki (as discussed on mtime). I'd just like IkiWiki to display the correct Last Edited date.

Thanks for any hints! -- sabr

I can't reproduce this. ikiwiki does look at the mtime, and that's what it puts in the last edited date. Example:

joey@kodama:~/src/ikiwiki>touch -t 198501011111 doc/bar.mdwn joey@kodama:~/src/ikiwiki>make [...] joey@kodama:~/src/ikiwiki>grep Last\ edit html/bar.html Last edited Tue Jan 1 11:11:00 1985

Note that if you then touch the file to be even older, it won't notice in a refresh. You'd have to force a rebuild in that case. --Joey

You're right. I thought I had rebuilt it but, when I started over from scratch, everything worked. Sorry for the noise! Marking this invalid. --sabr