Steps to reproduce:

  • Running ikiwiki version 3.20130904.1ubuntu1 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Also installed perlmagick and libxml-writer-perl
  • Enable attachment plugin
  • Set attachment rule to mimetype(image/*)
  • Attempt to attach an image (e.g. downloaded version of )

What should happen:

  • Attachment is uploaded

What happens instead:

  • Error message: prohibited by allowed_attachments (file MIME type is application/octet-stream, not image/*)


  • Change attachment rule to mimetype(image/*) or application/octet-stream

Other notes:

  • Downloading and uploading from a Windows machine via Firefox

File type detection relies on some of the external packages in ikiwiki's Suggests list.

Do you have file installed?

Do you have libfile-mimeinfo-perl installed?


Yup, we have both of those installed. -- David Rix

This is probably the same thing as can't upload a simple png image: prohibited by allowed_attachments (file MIME type is application/octet-stream... which was fixed in 2014. You could open a bug on Launchpad, but since ikiwiki is in Ubuntu universe, it will probably never receive bug fixes.

I would suggest either upgrading to a version of ikiwiki from a newer Debian or Ubuntu suite (I'm using the latest release 3.20160121 myself), or applying the patch manually. --smcv

Thanks so much for digging into that! There's a new LTS around the corner with a newer (post 2014) version of ikiwiki so we can probably afford to wait and/or switch to a self-managed packaged. -- David Rix