Given an uploaded image via: [[!img NAME.svg alt="image"]]

Viewing the generated page shows the following error:

"[[!img Error: failed to read name.svg: Exception 420: no decode delegate for this image format `/home/user/path/name.svg' @ error/svg.c/ReadSVGImage/2815]]"

The caps in the image title were somehow converted to small letters and then the image is saved as a directory. Very puzzling.
I get the same error when image names are small letters.

The error also occurs with png images.

How do I fix this?

Later investigation ... I got around the problem by creating the mark-up in a new directory. However, if I try to create a new directory with the same name as the directory containing the problem code, the problem re-emerges -- the old directory is apparently not overwritten. Perhaps this is an issue with the git storage.