I added a feedpages directive to blog/index.mdwn to not pick up anything tagged tags/random/hidden yet that still happenend.

~git/richardhartmann.de/blog % grep hidden index.mdwn
[[!inline  pages="./posts/*/*/* and !*/Discussion" feedpages="./posts/*/*/* and !*/Discussion and not tagged(tags/random/hidden)" show="10" actions=yes rootpage="blog"]]
~git/richardhartmann.de/blog % grep hidden posts/2013/05/17-Debian_Release_Critical_Bug_report_for_Week_20.mdwn
[[!tag  tags/tech/floss/debian tags/tech/floss/debian/rc-stats/8.0-jessie tags/random/hidden]]
~git/richardhartmann.de/blog %

If you need more information, please let me know.


I don't think this is a bug. You have a syntax error in your pagespec: "not" is not a recognised keyword in pagespecs, so and not tagged(...) should be and !tagged(...). Presumably inline falls back to pages when feedpages doesn't work.

By posting the pagespec here with insufficient escaping (which I've fixed) you caused this ikiwiki instance's HTML to contain an error message illustrating that syntax error :-)

<span class="error">Error: syntax error in pagespec "(./posts/*/*/* and !*/Discussion) and (./posts/*/*/* and !*/Discussion and not tagged(tags/random/hidden))"</span>

done. --smcv

As per IRC: Thanks. As an aside, shouldn't this ikiwiki instance ignore directives in normal text? The problem may be non-trivial, but still... -- Richard

"Normal text" is exactly where directives go, so, not really. If you mean verbatim text (e.g. indentation in Markdown): the fact that directives still expand to HTML, which is then treated as verbatim, is an unfortunate result of how ikiwiki interacts with pages' markup languages (directives and wikilinks happen before markup is converted to HTML). --smcv