The img plugin is not generating the proper class attribute in its HTML output.

The plugin receives something like the following:

[[!img  129199047595759991.jpg class="centered"]]

And is supossed to generate an HTML code like the following:

<img src="129199047595759991.jpg" class="centered" />

But is generating the following

<img src="129199047595759991.jpg" class="centered img" />

This seems to be happening with all images inserted using the plugin (that use the class=yaddayadda argument to the img directive.) I remember it didn't happen before, and I suspect an ikiwiki upgrade is to blame. I tested with a blog created from scratch, and a single post, and the problem appeared there too.

This is happening with version 3.20100815 of ikiwiki.


How is this a bug? It's perfectly legal html for a class attribute to put an element into multiple classes. notabug --Joey