Steps to reproduce:

  • Running ikiwiki 3.20130904.1ubuntu1 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Modify ~/public_html/MYWIKI/local.css
  • Run ikiwiki --setup MYWIKI.setup (or update via websetup interface)

What should happen:

  • Setup is updated/site is rebuilt
  • local.css is retained and used

What happens instead:

  • Setup is updated (works)
  • local.css reverts to blank version


  • Create mylocal.css, and manually copy it over local.css every time

This is working as intended. IkiWiki is a wiki compiler: everything in its $destdir, in your case ~/public_html/MYWIKI, is intended to be under its control. Please create local.css in the $srcdir (probably ~/MYWIKI) and commit it to the VCS, or enable the attachment plugin and "attach" it to the top-level index page. IkiWiki will copy it into the $destdir whenever it changes. --smcv