It looks like there is no way to logout of ikiwiki at present, meaning that if you edit the ikiwiki in, say, a cybercafe, the cookie remains... is there some other security mechanism in place that can check for authorization, or should I hack in a logout routine into ikiwiki.cgi?

Click on "Preferences". There is a logout button there. --liw

It would be nice if it were not buried there, but putting it on the action bar statically would be confusing. The best approach might be to use javascript. --Joey

I agree that javascript seems to be a solution, but my brain falls off the end of the world while looking at ways to manipulate the DOM. (I'd argue also in favor of the openid_provider cookie expiring in less time than it does now, and being session based)

(The openid_provider cookie is purely a convenience cookie to auto-select the user's openid provider the next time they log in. As such, it cannot be a session cookie. It does not provide any personally-identifying information so it should not really matter when it expires.) --Joey

It would be nice to move navigational elements to the upper right corner of the page...

I have two kinds of pages (wiki and blog), and three classes of users

anonymous users - display things like login, help, and recentchanges,

non-admin users - on a per subdir basis (blog and !blog) display logout, help, recentchanges, edit, comment

admin users - logout, help, recentchanges, edit, comment, etc

I was referred to this page from posting to the forum. I am also interested in being able to use user class and status to modify the page. I will try to put together a plugin. From what I can see there needs to be a few items in it.

  • It should expose a link to a dedicated login page that, once logged in, returns the user to the calling page, or at least the home page. I have started a plugin to do this: justlogin

  • it needs to expose a link to a little json explaining the type of user and login status.

  • it should expose a link that logs the person out and returns to the calling page, or at least the home page.

Then there would need to be a little javascript to use these links appropriately. I have little javascript experience but I know that can be done. I am less sure if it is possible to add this functionality to a plugin so I'll start with that. If no one objects I will continue to post here if I make progress. If anyone has any suggestions on how to modify my approach to code it in an easier way I'd appreciate the input. justint