With Ikiwiki, mdwn, and discount configured, the following syntax

[some link with parens in it](http://foo.com/parens(yeah))

Has a broken URI (missing the closing parenthesis) and renders the second parenthesis outside of the link.

Here's it live on ikiwiki.info: some link with parens in it)

Bug present in at least discount 2.2.6 and 2.2.7 and merely exposed by IkiWiki. Note that upstream consider this to be not-a-bug/"behavior follows specs": https://github.com/Orc/discount/issues/241

The following alternative markdown implementations get this right:

  • libtext-markdown-perl 1.000031 (debian -3)
  • multimarkdown 1.000035 (debian -2)
  • commonmark))

I note the irony of the commonmark URI being an apt demo of the problem.

Jon, 2021-11-05