If I browse http://ikiwiki.info in emacs-w3m (without Javascript), I can't do a search: the text field is there (so I can enter my search request), but there seems to be no way to make actually a search request (i.e., no button).

(A remark on how it works now in the other browsers: In the more "complete" browsers (Chromium etc.), the request is done by pressing Enter in the text field.) --Ivan Z.

I see, no Javascript is probably involved in using the search form; the code is simply:

<form method="get" action="/ikiwiki.cgi" id="searchform">
<input type="text" id="searchbox" name="P" value="" size="16"

So, if the semantics suggested by HTML is such that such a form is to be submitted by some default form submitting action in the UI and it doesn't really require a button to be functional, then I'd say it's not an ikiwiki's problem, but a missing feature in the UI of emacs-w3m or the underlying w3m... Perhaps I'll report this issue to them. --Ivan Z.

There is no problem at all! I'm sorry for this hassle! In emacs-w3m, there is the w3m-submit-form command (C-c C-c) to submit the form at point; it works.--Ivan Z.