Changes to comments result in notifyemail sending emails with broken urls like "http://whatever/foo/comment_1_10a49d69282155c5c3e66dc58f64f956/"

notifyemail uses meta permalink if set, so it must not be set for comment pages.

In the comments plugin, there's this code, which is supposed to set permalink:

    if ($params{page} =~ m/\/\Q$config{comments_pagename}\E\d+_/) {
            $pagestate{$page}{meta}{permalink} = urlto(IkiWiki::dirname($params{page})).

comments_pagename is comment_ so the above code needs a comment page to contain two underscores. I think that is the root of the bug. --Joey

Removed the trailing underscore in the regexp, so it should be fixed, though I have not tested the fix. Leaving this bug open until it's confirmed fixed. (I deployed it to branchable.)

This will only fix the stored permalink metadata for a comment when its get preprocessed again, not immediately. That's ok for notifyemail, but other uses of permalink might need a wiki rebuild to get the bug fix. --Joey

I'm not sure that I see how the regexp was wrong? It's looking for, for example,



  • s marks the literal /
  • cccc marks comments_pagename
  • d marks \d+ (one or more digits)
  • u marks the literal _

The old regexp would have failed for the older format foo/comment_1._comment, though.