On my blog, i have setup a simple calendar and sparkline on the sidebar, similar to joey's. Unfortunately, in my case it looks like all posts were done in february, date at which i converted from drupal.

This is how i did the directives:

[[!calendar  pages="blog/* and !blog/*/* and !*/Discussion"]]

[[!calendar  pages="blog/* and !blog/*/* and !*/Discussion" month=-1]]

Temps passé entre les articles: 
[[!postsparkline  pages="blog/* and !blog/*/* and !link(foo) and
!link(unfinished)" max=50
formula=interval style=bar barwidth=2 barspacing=1 height=13]]  
Articles par mois:
[[!postsparkline  pages="blog/* and !blog/*/* and !link(foo) and
!link(unfinished)" max=23 formula=permonth style=bar barwidth=2 barspacing=1 height=13]]  

Is it possible the meta(date) directives are being ignored by those plugins? --anarcat

For background, each page has two dates: creation date (ctime, meta(date)) and last modification date (mtime, meta(updated)). postsparkline defaults to showing the ctime but can be configured to use the mtime instead; calendar always uses ctime. So what you're doing should work like you expect.

The plugins don't get to choose whether they ignore meta(date); the effect of a meta(date) directive in $page is to set $pagectime{$page} during scanning (overriding whatever was found in the filesystem), and that data structure is what the plugins read from. So the first thing to investigate is whether the ctime in your .ikiwiki/indexdb is correct. --smcv