Wiki formatting between [[!toc ]] and an inline fails to render. The problem does not seem to trigger if the inline uses the titlepage template, or if it doesn't match any pages. See example below; also reproducible with a single-file wiki containing the text below, rendered via ikiwiki --plugin toc.

This is Debian bug #421843, and I suspect it affects certian other plugins that also use empty divs as placeholders. It's fixed in markdown 1.0.2 b7 (available in debian experimental). So I'll close this as it's not really an ikiwiki bug. --Joey

not bold

not fixed-pitch

heading not rendered

not a link

ikiwiki 3.20170622 released with these changes

  • t/git-cgi.t: Wait 1 second before doing a revert that should work. This hopefully fixes a race condition in which the test failed around 6% of the time. (Closes: #862494)
  • Guard against set-but-empty REMOTE_USER CGI variable on misconfigured nginx servers, and in general treat sessions with a set-but-empty name as if they were not signed in.
  • When the CGI fails, print the error to stderr, not "Died"
  • mdwn: Don't mangle <style> into <elyts> under some circumstances
  • mdwn: Enable footnotes by default when using the default Discount implementation. A new mdwn_footnotes option can be used to disable footnotes in MultiMarkdown and Discount.
  • mdwn: Don't enable alphabetically labelled ordered lists by default when using the default Discount implementation. A new mdwn_alpha_list option can be used to restore the old interpretation.
  • osm: Convert savestate hook into a changes hook. savestate is not the right place to write wiki content, and in particular this breaks websetup if osm's dependencies are not installed, even if the osm plugin is not actually enabled. (Closes: #719913)
  • toc: if the heading is of the form <h1 id="...">, use that for the link in the table of contents (but continue to generate <a name="index42"></a> in case someone was relying on it). Thanks, Antoine Beaupré
  • color: Do not leak markup into contexts that take only the plain text, such as toc
  • meta: Document [[!meta name="foo" content="bar"]]
  • debian: Use preferred https URL for Format of debian/copyright
  • debian: Declare compliance with Debian Policy 4.0.0
Posted Thu Jun 22 05:55:49 2017



heading rendered

a link