I'm using the search plugin and it correctly displays the first page of results, but the "Next" button doesn't work.

If I search for "linux", for example, I see "1-10 of exactly 65 matches" and this in my browser's address bar: https://example.com/ikiwiki.cgi?P=linux

Then, I scroll down and click "Next" and I see. . .

Although this page is encrypted, the information you have entered is to be sent over an unencrypted connection and could easily be read by a third party.

Are you sure you want to continue sending this information?

. . . then I click "Continue" but I'm stuck on the first page of search results (it still says "1-10 of exactly 65 matches") and I have the following in my browser's address bar:


I noticed that if I change what's in the address bar to the following, I can advance to page 2 (it shows "11-20 of exactly 65 matches"). That is to say, I'm removing "25" from "%253E" as a work around:


Based on this output, I might need to make a change to "searchquery.tmpl", which is under templates. . .

[wikiuser@ikiwiki1 ~]$ grep -r DEFAULTOP /usr/share/ikiwiki
/usr/share/ikiwiki/templates/searchquery.tmpl:<SELECT NAME=DEFAULTOP>
[wikiuser@ikiwiki1 ~]$ rpm -qf /usr/share/ikiwiki/templates/searchquery.tmpl 

. . . but I would appreciate any guidance on what the fix might be.