I have been mucking about with ikiwiki for two whole days now.

I like many things about it. Even though I've been spending most of my time wrestling with css I did manage to write a whole lot of blog posts and love what ikiwiki is doing for the "revise" part of my writing cycle. And I like the idea of integrating the wiki and the blog into one unifying architecture....

But... I would like very much to have different page templates for blogging and wiki-ing, some way of specifying that for stuff in the "/posts" directory I'd rather use blogpost.tmpl rather than page.tmpl. I just spent a few minutes looking at the perl for this (I assume Render.pm) and my mind dumped core...

(generically, some way to specify output formatting on a subdirectory basis would be good)

You can do what you want with the pagetemplate directive, but in a slightly cumbersome way, because you have to say what template you want in every page that differs from the default.

See also: templates

And, a perhaps more proper solution to your problem, although I don't fully understand the way of tackling it, in multiple template directories.

If you could create a proper page in this wiki, centralizing all the knowledge dispersed in those pages, it would be nice ;)


Comment by Javier Thu Oct 21 11:00:50 2010