Hi, I'm planning on abusing ikiwiki as a mini-CMS for a static website and think it's exactly the right system for it. Great stuff btw.

But I still got a problem that I can't solve at the moment. For the static website (with commenting enabled tho) I want no one else to edit the pages, i.e. I want to turn off the editing function for everyone except me.

That works with the lockedit plugin so far, and I can also hide the edit and preferences links on the pages. But if someone manually enters the link to the edit page he/she can still create an account (I have disabled openid and plan to use passwordauth only). The account can then not be used to edit pages but still, everyone can create accounts in userdb over and over. Is there a way to solve that? I just don't see it right now.

Best regards, Chris

REALLY great was what I wanted to say - all the essentials are there, including commenting and search function. What else can you want <3
Comment by Christian Wed Nov 30 11:15:21 2011

Not currently possible, but you can configure passwordauth to require an account_creation_password, and not tell anyone else what it is; or you could use httpauth for authenticated editing. (My mostly-static ikiwiki sites only allow httpauth over HTTPS.)

Comment by smcv Wed Nov 30 12:09:16 2011
thank you for your quick reply, smcv!
Comment by Christian Wed Nov 30 14:50:50 2011