My repository contains image sources made with tools like Inkspace, Dia, LibreOffice, Gimp and so on.

Instead of pushing the images themselves into git or manually exporting them to PNG/SVG,
I'd like to keep just the sources in git, and have ikiwiki compile them into the final
images just like it compiles Markdown into HTML. Is it possible to add new files types
and tell ikiwiki how to compile them?

(After reading some plugin docs...)

I just read 'perlintro' yesterday in unrelated context, but... could it maybe be done by writing a plugin like this one, which compiles textile?;a=blob;f=IkiWiki/Plugin/;h=56bb4bffce83bf9fa47b1ad731f46c8dc8d9f652;hb=HEAD

-- fr33domlover