(NOTE: There are artificial whitespaces in the path to shortcuts.mdwn below, because on my first attempt to save this entry I got a message that Blogspam would not allow it because of the length of this string. Also, I had to reformat some of the links, which where to long for BlogSpam as well.)

Ikiwiki is not usable when installed to a user’s $HOME with toast (http://www.toastball.net/toast/), as toast installs everything as symlinks, which Ikiwiki does not take well:

$  ikiwiki --rebuild --setup Testwiki.setup 
cannot read a symlink (/home/franek/.toast/armed/usr/ local/share/ikiwiki/ basewiki/shortcuts.mdwn)

I am aware that Ikiwiki does not allow symlinks in srcdir for security reasons http://ikiwiki.info/ [no space here, see above note] security/#index18h2. I do not see, however, why this restriction should apply to basewiki or other not user-created files, which are not modifiable by committers anyway.

If this is correct, can that be fixed (easily)?

Edit: Maybe I should have filed this as a bug right away. If this post does not lead to anything, I may still do that in a few days.