I don't know if I'm doing this right... I'm using a server provider that doesn't allow me to install into standard perl locations, so I used PREFIX to install things in my home dir. The problem is that when the wrapper is run by the CGI server, it can't find the perl modules I installed. There didn't seem to be a way to set the PERL5LIB from the standard config, so I added one. Patch attached. Or did I miss something and this was already possible?

The standard way to do it is to set INSTALL_BASE=$HOME when running Makefile.PL. If you do this, ikiwiki will be built with a special use lib $HOME line inserted, that will make it look in the specified directory for perl modules.

The nearlyfreespeech tip has an example of doing this. --Joey

Thanks! I found that page, but didn't recognise the importance of INSTALL_BASE.

It looks like INSTALL_BASE only appeared in version 6.31 of the Perl MakeMaker. My provider is still running version 6.30. Looks like I'll be keeping my patches for the moment... sigh.