I have some problems with a blog wiki that I try to setup.

Everything seemed to work correctly with utf-8 until I tried to have a page name with utf-8 characters that contained a blog. More testing showed that the 'from'-parameter in the form didn't like utf-8. Just that variable, everything else works fine.

As soon as I try to add a new entry I get "bad page name" instead of the editpage.

Here is an example: The page itself is named 'hönshuset.mdwn' and it contains this blog inline:

[[!inline pages="honshuset/*" postform=yes ]]

Looking at the form, it is the from-parameter that contains 'hönshuset' that triggers the problem. If I rename the file to honshuset.mdwn everything works fine.

For some reason the from-parameter seems to depend on both the filename and the rootpage parameter. If I add rootpage, then I must not use utf-8 characters in rootpage or in the source filename.

I use ikiwiki 3.20120629 in Debian sid.