ikiwiki 3.20161229 released with these changes

  • Security: force CGI::FormBuilder->field to scalar context where necessary, avoiding unintended function argument injection analogous to CVE-2014-1572. In ikiwiki this could be used to forge commit metadata, but thankfully nothing more serious. (CVE-2016-9646)
  • Security: try revert operations in a temporary working tree before approving them. Previously, automatic rename detection could result in a revert writing outside the wiki srcdir or altering a file that the reverting user should not be able to alter, an authorization bypass. (CVE-2016-10026 represents the original vulnerability.) The incomplete fix released in 3.20161219 was not effective for git versions prior to 2.8.0rc0. (CVE-2016-9645 represents that incomplete solution.)
  • Add CVE references for CVE-2016-10026
  • Add automated test for using the CGI with git, including CVE-2016-10026
    • Build-depend on libipc-run-perl for better build-time test coverage
  • Add missing ikiwiki.setup for the manual test for CVE-2016-10026
  • git: don't issue a warning if the rcsinfo CGI parameter is undefined
  • git: do not fail to commit changes with a recent git version and an anonymous committer