Plugin: calendar
Author: ?ManojSrivastava
Included in ikiwiki: yes
Enabled by default: no
Included in goodstuff: no
Currently enabled: no

This plugin provides a calendar directive. The directive displays a calendar, similar to the typical calendars shown on some blogs.

The ikiwiki-calendar command is used to keep the calendar up-to-date.


The output is liberally sprinkled with classes, for fine grained CSS customization.

  • month-calendar - The month calendar as a whole.
  • month-calendar-head - The head of the month calendar (ie,"March").
  • month-calendar-arrow - Arrow pointing to previous/next month.
  • month-calendar-day-head - A column head in the month calendar (ie, a day-of-week abbreviation).
  • month-calendar-day-noday, month-calendar-day-link, month-calendar-day-nolink, month-calendar-day-future, month-calendar-day-this-day - The day squares on the month calendar, for days that are not in the month (before or after the month itself), that don't have links, that do have links, that are in the future, or are that are the current day, respectively.
  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, ... - Each day square is also given a class matching its (localised) day of week, this can be used to highlight weekends.
  • year-calendar - The year calendar as a whole.
  • year-calendar-head - The head of the year calendar (ie, "2007").
  • year-calendar-arrow - Arrow pointing to previous/next year.
  • year-calendar-subhead - For example, "Months".
  • year-calendar-month-link, year-calendar-month-nolink, year-calendar-month-future, year-calendar-this-month - The month squares on the year calendar, for months with stories, without, in the future, and currently selected, respectively.