The asymptote directive is supplied by the asymptote plugin.

This directive allows embedding asymptote diagrams in a page. Example usage:

[[!asymptote  src="""
    import geometry;
    triangle t = triangle((0,0), (4,0), (0.5,2));
    show(La="$D$", Lb="$E$", Lc="", t);
    point pD = midpoint(t.BC); dot(pD);
    point pE = midpoint(t.AC); dot(pE);
    point A_ = (pD-t.A)*2+t.A; dot("$A'$", A_, NE);
    draw(t.B--A_--t.C, dashed);
    draw(t.A--A_, dashed);
    point E_ = midpoint(line(t.B,A_)); dot(Label("$E'$", E_, E));
    draw(E_--pD, dashed);

The asymptote directive supports the following parameters:

  • src - The asymptote source code to render.