Plugin: bibtex
Author: ?Matthias
Included in ikiwiki: no
Enabled by default: no
Included in goodstuff: no
Currently enabled: no

bibtex for ikiwiki

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This ikiwiki-plugin provides a

[[!bibtex  ]]

directive for ikiwiki.

So far, it can display a raw or formatted bibtex-entry from a bibtex-file (either checked into ikiwiki, or not) and display a list of all bibtex-keys used on a key.


  • three different output formats for citations:
    • cite - Author (year)
    • citation - Author1, Author2 (year): Title. Journal vol(num). pp.
    • raw - raw bibtex-entry preformatted
  • supports websetup
  • bibliography



Output from file mybib.bib, bibtex key 'key1' in a citation-like format (authors (year): journal. volume (number), pages.).

[[!bibtex  file="mybib.bib" key="key1" format="citation"]]

Combine with toggle-plugin to optionally display the raw bibtex

[[!bibtex  key="Ihrke2011"]] [[!toggle  id="bibtexentry" text="(entry)"]]
[[!toggleable   id="bibtexentry" text="""
[[!bibtex key="Ihrke2011" format="raw"]]
\[[!toggle id="bibtexentry" text="(hide)"]]

Add a bibliography that includes all bibtex-directives from that page

## Bibliography ##
[[!bibtex_bibliography  ]]