Adaptation to Newer Versions of ikiwiki

I tried using this plugin, but to no success so far. I used gallery git branch, rebased it onto the origin/master, built a Debian package and installed that one.

However, I can't even get simply things like this to work:

$ cat web/index.mdwn
[[!gallery  imagedir="b" vcs="0"]]
$ ls web/b/
1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg  4.jpg
$ ikiwiki [...] --plugin gallery web web.rendered
$ grep gallery web.rendered/index.html 
<p>[[!gallery  Failed to Read Directory b.]]</p>

When using vcs="1" it's no better:

$ ikiwiki [...] --plugin gallery web web.rendered
scanning index.mdwn
internal error: b/800x600-1.jpg cannot be found in web or underlay


Its probably because of the restriction of permissions by plugins in newer version of IkiWiki. For the time being, you can turn resizing off till I look into conditional underlay directory feature.

USAGE : [[!gallery imagedir="directory" resize="0"]]

New version updated at SVN REPO :


Bug With Referring to js and css Files

In the generated files gallery/index/index.html and gallery/index/*/gallery_* it should not be referred to /js but to ../../js and ../../../js, respectively. Likewise for /css.

All Thumbnails on One Page

Could rows="0" be used to state that all thumbnails should be put on the same page, no matter how much there are?