The album directive is supplied by the album plugin.

Each page containing an album directive is treated as a photo album or image gallery. Example usage is as simple as:

[[!album ]]

Every image attached to an album or its subpages is considered to be part of the album. A "viewer" page, with the wiki's default page extension, will be generated in the transient underlay to display the image, if there isn't already a page of the same name as the image: for instance, if debconf is an album and debconf/tuesday/p100.jpg exists, then debconf/tuesday/p100.mdwn might be created.

The album is treated as a trail, which gives each viewer page a link back to the album, and a link to the previous and next viewer in the album.

The album directive also produces an inline which automatically includes all the viewers for this album, except those that will appear in an albumsection. If every image in the album is in a section, then the album directive is still required, but won't produce any output in the page.

The inline can include some extra information about the images, including file size and a thumbnail made using img). The default template is albumitem.tmpl, which takes advantage of these things.


The directive can have some options for the entire album. The defaults are:

  • sort - sets the order in which images appear, defaulting to earliest creation date first
  • size - if not full, the img in the viewer page will be resized to be no larger than this
  • thumbnailsize - the img in the album page, which can also be used in the previous/next links, will be no larger than this
  • viewertemplate - the template used for the albumimage in each viewer page
  • prevtemplate - the template used to replace <TMPL_VAR PREV> if used in the viewer page
  • nexttemplate - the template used to replace <TMPL_VAR NEXT> if used in the viewer page