The irclog plugin allows including a formatted IRC log in your wiki.


The [[!irclog ]] directive takes the following arguments:

location (required)

The URI of your IRC log file. Currently the URI schemes file:, http:, and ssh: have been implemented. Only ssh: has been tested: ssh://host/path/to/#channel.

earliest (optional)

A date/time in the format %F %T (i.e. YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS). Events before this time will not be included. String comparison is used, so you can omit portions of the date/time if you like, e.g. YYYY-MM.

latest (optional)

A date/time. Events after this time will not be included.

keywords (optional)

A mapping of keywords to translations, formatted like a Perl hash, e.g.: "richard=>[[richard]]". In this case occurrences of "richard" will be replaced with "[[richard]]" (which will later be processed as a WikiLink).