Plugin: taskreport
Author: Louis
Included in ikiwiki: no
Enabled by default: no
Included in goodstuff: no
Currently enabled: no


The taskreport plugin provides the task directive (see below), displaying taskwarrior data as a table.

Plugin options

  • task_bin: path to the task binary. Default is "task".
  • task_common: arguments to all task calls. Can be used, for example, to set a non-default taskrc location.
  • task_dir: directory where to find task data files, if non-default. This directory must be handled by IkiWiki. Otherwise, use the task_common argument. This argument must be relative to the root of the wiki sources.
  • task_tmpdir: directory where to copy task data files before calling task. It can be used to circumvent lack of --read-only option. Otherwise, those data files may be modified by the task call. Setting this directory ensure that they are not. This argument should be absolute (I do not know what would happen otherwise).
  • task_columns: List of default columns to display with the task directive. Default is all available columns.


Directive options

Options are:

  • arg: arguments to add to the task call. For example, to display a list of pending tasks tagged ikiwiki, set it to "status:pending +ikiwiki".
  • show: number of tasks to show. Default is 0, and means: print all tasks.
  • sort: tasks are sorted according to this column. Default is urgency.
  • reverse: set yes to reverse order.
  • annotations: set to yes to display annotations. Default is "yes".

Task system call

When using this directive, the result of the following system call is printed:

TASK_BIN export rc.verbose=nothing TASK_COMMON [] ARG
  • TASK_BIN and TASK_COMMON are the task_bin and task_common options set in ikiwiki setup.
  • If task_dir and task_tmpdir are set in ikiwiki setup, DIR is task_tmpdir ; if only task_dir is set, DIR is task_dir ; otherwise, this part is not used.
  • ARG is the arg option of the directive.


To allow CSS customization, the following classes are used.

  • task is the class of the table.
  • urgency, project, etc. are the class of the th and td elements for the corresponding task attributes.
  • annotation is the class of the tr element of the table containing an annotation.

Download and install

Code and documentation can be found here :

-- Louis