Syntax highlighting of recent changes

Hello, is there a simple way to highlight the diff printed in the recentchanges page? I imagined several solutions, but I am still wondering about the best one.

  • One might activate the highlight and format plugins, and change the change.tmpl template, to use this plugin. But as the diff is formatted not to mess up html (e.g. [[link]] becomes [[link]]), the output would be unreadable.
  • One might improve recentchangesdiff plugin by adding an option diff_escape_html=>yes/no to it. Setting this to no would leave html unescaped, so that it would be correctly rendered by plugin format.
  • One might change the recentchangesdiff plugin, to add syntax highlighting to diffs, but this would duplicate plugin highlight.

In my opinion, the second solution is the best one. However, to be neat the change.tmpl template might detect that both plugin format and diff_escape_html option are enabled, and, depending on it, output the diff in <pre>DIFF</pre> tags or in the [[!format diff """DIFF"""]] directive.

Letting user edit change.tmpl template to enable this feature is also possible, but this would prevent him from benefiting of the later improvement of this template. In my opinion, an ideal solution would require the user nothing more than enabling some plugins or options.

-- Louis