Here is the text to insert into my note. (This is a note, made using the test45 template.)


This is the SandBox, a page anyone can edit to try out ikiwiki (version 3.20150614). vvvv CamelCase ?

What about ?this page?

hello world (right back at ya)

wait how does versioning work

test, is it being saved? Probably. I will check. This seems really straightforward.

pre formated text?

This is a blockquote.

This is the first level of quoting. A block of text

This is a nested blockquote.

Without a space works too.

to three levels

This is pretty sweet

Azerty Qsdf

Back to the first level.

added a line in level 1 and another

Numbered list

  1. First item.
    1. Sub item.
    2. Number 2
  2. Another.
  3. And another..
    1. foo
    2. bar
    3. quz
    4. quze

Bulleted list

  • item
  • italic item
  • item
  • one
    • footballs; runner; unices
    • Cool !
      • test
    • this
  • something else
    • some more
    • and more
      • and
        • this

          a blockquote in a list how is this handled *this _ _ _

        • this 2
        • this 3

test this out.

test this code block

War of 1812

this is generated by the haiku plugin

Or Wunt sighs near a
temple. A pike leaping. Tom
See beside a pool.

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test ms


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Testy test!

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What follows is some preformatted text. Each line is proceeded by four spaces.




  <child />

...Now why doesn't it work like that on my own copy of ikiwiki? :(



Testing. Test. 試験として書き込みします。