This template is used to create an infobox for a character of a TV show. It uses these parameters:

  • name - the name of the character
  • image - the file path of an image in the wiki, under the img directory
  • imagecaption - the image caption
  • aliases - the aliases of the character
  • relatives - the relatives of the character
  • affiliation - the affiliation of the character
  • occupation - the character's occupation
  • marital - the character's marital status
  • birthDate - the character's birth date
  • birthPlace - the character's birth place
  • species - the species of the character
  • gender - the gender of the character
  • portrayedby - the actors that portray the character
  • appearsin - notes about the episodes the character appears in
  • debut - the episode that debuts the character

This template uses the table and img directives.