I managed to install ikiwiki on eggplant farms, with most basic features except markdown.

I think ikiwiki is more suitable for VPS/dedicated server. Shared hosting doesn't fit.

I just (2009/04/27) installed ikiwiki on DreamHost and the CPAN instructions here are unnecessarily complicated. I used "cpan" instead of "perl -MCPAN -e shell" and had no trouble with that portion of the install. --schmonz

After tiring of managing things by hand, I've switched to using pkgsrc as an unprivileged user. This uses a bit more disk for my own copies of perl, python, etc., but in exchange I can cd .../pkgsrc/www/ikiwiki && make install and everything just works. Plus I get all the benefits of a package system, like easy uninstalling and being notified of outdated or insecure software.

The only catch: sometimes the package dependency tree gets too deep for DreamHost's user process limit, resulting in build death. I work around this by resuming the build partway down the tree, then trying again from whatever I was actually trying to install. --schmonz