This MoinMoin converter converts wikis to ikiwikis backed by a git repository, including full history. It simply parses the wiki pages into markdown using the MoinMoin engine.

The converter was originally written by JoshTriplett and included support for Tikiwiki, for which it parses the wiki pages to HTML then back into markdown using the libhtml-wikiconverter Perl package. That original version from Josh is still available from his wiki page.

The MoinMoin side of things was completely re-written by anarcat and is currently still in development. That version is available at:

git clone git://

It doesn't feature support to migrate from Tikiwiki anymore and focuses on MoinMoin support.

Issues can be filed in the redmine bugtracker:


Usage instructions are in the README file.

MoinMoin importer features

  • supports latest MoinMoin versions (tested with 1.9.x)
  • uses git fast-import to improve performance (10 minutes and 200M of ram for a 7 years old 2GB Moinmoin wiki)
  • multistep process allows bulk edit through git before markdown conversion, or staying with a
  • imports attachments as subpages
  • uses the per-page edit log
  • consistent: multiple runs will generate the same repository
  • re-entrant: can be run multiple times to import new changes

MoinMoin converter features

  • most of the inline markup
  • links
  • attachment links
  • smileys
  • images (not well tested), into img
  • preformatted and code areas, including format
  • ordered, unordered and definition lists
  • tables (although only with HTML and no styles)

Supported macros

  • TableOfContents, through toc
  • Navigation, through map (so as a nested vertical list instead of an horizontal list)
  • PageList, through map
  • MonthCalendar, partially, through calendar
  • FootNote, through multimarkdown ([^foo][^foo]: this is the footnote)
  • Anchor, through markdown and plain HTML
  • <<BR>>, through the weird line ending thing
  • AttachList, through a weird inline
  • FullSearch, partially, only through inline (so no textual search)
  • Include, partially through inline (so missing boundary extraction and heading level generation)
  • PageCount, same name even :)
  • OrphanedPages, through orphans
  • Date and Datetime, should be through date instead of current hack

Supported parsers

  • the main "moin wiki" markup
  • highlight parser, through the format plugin
  • other parsers may be supported if an equivalent plugin exists in Ikiwiki (example: rst)

Current blocker

This script is being used to test the conversion of the venerable Koumbit wiki into Ikiwiki, and so far progress is steady but difficult. The current blocker is:

  • figuring out exactly which pages should exist and which should not, as there is ambiguity in the internal datastructures of MoinMoin, which become apparent when running the conversion script, as files a missing


There are also significant pieces missing:

  • inline parsers and hackish styled tables
  • turn categories into tags
  • name converted page to the right name depending on the #format parameter on top of page
  • finish a full converter run on the Koumbitwiki
  • improve the output of the converter (too much debugging)

MoinMoin features missing from ikiwiki

The importer is pretty much complete, but the converter can only go so far as what features ikiwiki supports. Here are the MoinMoin features that are known to be missing from ikiwiki. Note that some of those features are available in MoinMoin only through third-party extensions.

  • do not make links backwards - MoinMoin and Creole use [[link|text]], while ikiwiki uses [[text|link]] - for now the converter generates ?markdown links so this is not so much an issue, but will freak out users
  • internal definition list support - includes tabling the results (MoinMoin's DictColumns macro)
  • per page ACLs - (MoinMoin's ACLs)
  • MailTo macro spam protection
  • list pages based on full text page search
  • extract part of other pages with the inline macro
  • specifying a template when creating a page (as opposed to matching a pagespec)
  • specifying a style for a sub-section (MoinMoin's inline parsers allow the user to specify a CSS class - very useful see the documentation to get an idea)
  • the above also keeps the SectionParser from being properly supported
  • regex matching all over the place: pagespec, basically, but all full text search (which is missing anyways, see above)

Missing macros

  • RandomPage(N) - lists N random pages, skipped
  • Gallery() - skipped
  • Gettext - translates the string accordign to internal translation system, ignored
  • AdvancedSearch - an elaborate search form provided by MoinMoin
  • Goto - a simple "jump to page" macro

Comments and feedback always welcome! --anarcat