Would it work if the mirrored wiki was configured with cgiurl set to the cgiurl of the origin wiki - so that users were seamlessly redirected to the origin for edits? --Jamie

Yes, if the origin wiki is set up to ping the mirrored wiki when updated, the mirror is free to use its cgi setup. (Note that the cgi will leave the user on a page on the origin wiki when they save the edit.) I've put a mention of this option in the page. --Joey

Separate ikiwiki web server, and git server

I don't understand how this configuration is different from the previous one, could you clarify? the image link is broken as well. anarcat

Sorry. I did a mistake. I hope this is more clear now. Louis

I still don't understand the difference, and I can't reach the URL you have given above. Previously, to upload stuff I created a clone of the git repository and asked joeyh to pull, like this. --anarcat

Upload: I have set up a clone on github and asking joeyh to pull: branch, pull request, figure

Difference between Separate webserver and git repository and Separate ikiwiki web server, and git server : the only difference is that in the first case, the git srcdir is on the same server as the git main repository, whereas in the second case, it is present on the same server as the web server. One use case is when one as a very limited access to the server hosting the git repository, and cannot setup the git srcdir (because of, for instance, a (reasonably?) paranoid sysadmins would require the creation of a new user to own the git srcdir). Using this configuration, it is possible to have an Ikiwiki instance where the main public repository is hosted on github (excepted that the wiki won't automatically rebuild when pushing a repo to github, since the github webhook does not seem to allow conditional).