My database appears corrupted:

$ perl -le 'use Storable; my $index=Storable::retrieve("indexdb"); use Data::Dumper; print Dumper $index'
Out of memory!

No idea how this happened. I've blown it away and recreated it but, for future reference, is there any less violent way to recover from this situation? I miss having the correct created and last edited times. --sabr

update: fixed ctimes and mtimes using these instructions --sabr

That's overly complex. Just run ikiwiki -setup your.setup -gettime. BTW, I'd be interested in examining such a corrupt storable file to try to see what happened to it. --Joey

--gettime appears to only set the last edited date. It's not supposed to set the creation date, is it? The only place that info is stored is in the git repo.

Pulling the page creation date out of the git history is exactly what --gettime does. (It used to be called --getctime, and only do that; now it also pulls out the last modified date). --Joey

Alas, I seem to have lost the bad index file to periodic /tmp wiping; I'll send it to you if it happens again. --sabr

Lost password for an user

This morning, a person has lost its password. I was able to do something to make another password. This is the way I take :

You can certianly do that, but do note that ikiwiki will offer to mail a user a password reset link if they lost their password. --Joey

Locate the user database

As tips show us, the user database is in the source file, for an example :


See which user to modify

Because I don't know the real login of the user, I have to read all the database :

perl -le 'use Storable; my $index=Storable::retrieve("userdb"); use Data::Dumper; print Dumper $index'

Then I was able to find this :

'Utilisateur' => {
             'email' => '',
             'cryptresettoken' => '$2a$10$cfVeOoVbFw9VzMlgEbPMsu34pwHIFP84mWlkrs2RCKknZYPZkPffm',
             'password' => '',
             'resettoken' => '',
             'cryptpassword' => '$2a$10$H8bYq.dlb68wpnfJgVZQhOdsF9JQ06cteRfhPQPB5eHKnD5Y3u7au',
             'regdate' => '1226574052'

Let's have a look to modify lines.

Modify the line

When you have found the line to modify, take the user name, and change its password to sc (for an example) :

perl -le 'use Storable; my $userinfo=Storable::retrieve("userdb"); $userinfo->{"Utilisateur"}->{cryptpassword}=q{$2a$10$7viOHCrUkdAVL135Kr6one1mpZQ/FWYC773G1yZ0EtQciI11sSDRS}; Storable::lock_nstore($userinfo, "userdb")'
perl -le 'use Storable; my $userinfo=Storable::retrieve("userdb"); $userinfo->{"Utilisateur"}->{cryptresettoken}=q{}; Storable::lock_nstore($userinfo, "userdb")'

Because I don't know how suppress cryptresettoken and resettoken fields, I change their content with null.

After all these modifications, the user Utilisateur could connect to its account with the password sc, and go to Preferences, then change its password.