Profile data incomplete

Following the steps "Install Devel::NYTProf. PERL5OPT=-d:NYTProf. export PER5OPT. Now run ikiwiki as usual, and it will generate a nytprof.out file. Run nytprofhtml to generate html files.", get the following error message:

[svetlana /home/private/wiki]$ PERL5OPT=-d:NYTProf
[svetlana /home/private/wiki]$ export PER5OPT
[svetlana /home/private/wiki]$ ikiwiki --setup ikiwiki.setup 
skipping bad filename free/To-dos.mdwn~
[svetlana /home/private/wiki]$ nytprofhtml
Reading nytprof.out
Profile data incomplete, inflate error -5 ((null)) at end of input file, perhaps the process didn't exit cleanly or the
 file has been truncated  (refer to TROUBLESHOOTING in the documentation)
[svetlana /home/private/wiki]$ 

Typing "export NYTPROF=sigexit=int,hup,pipe,bus,segv,term" and repeating ikiwiki and nytprofhtml commands has no effect.

What do I do now? Where is the TROUBLESHOOTING file located? --svetlana

Found,-...%22-or-%22Profile-format-error:-...%22, however, "export NYTPROF=sigexit=1" does not help either. Running "unset PER5OPT" before running nytprofhtml does not help either as well. That leaves this problem unsolved still. --svetlana Fri Feb 2 08:03:13 2018

Fixed by exporting "PERL5OPT" rather than "PER5OPT"; fixing typo in documentation... --svetlana