One thing I don't like about Tobi's is that the navigation bar is hardcoded instead of computed from what's available. Obviously, this allows for a very customised navbar (i.e. not making all pages show up, like a map would). However, I think this could also be achieved through page properties.

So imagine four pages A, B, A/C, and A/D, and these pages would include the following directives, respectively

[[!navbaritem  navbar=main priority=3]]
[[!navbaritem  navbar=main priority=5]]
[[!navbaritem  navbar=main title="Something else"]]
[[!navbaritem  navbar=main]]

then one could insert [[!navbar id=main maxlevels=0]] somewhere and it would get replaced with (this being in the context of viewing page C):

<ol class="navbar" id="navbar_main">
  <li><a href="../B">B</a></li>
  <li><a href="../A">A</a>
      <li class="current">Something else</li>
      <li><a href="D">D</a></li>

B would sort before A because it has a higher priority, but C would sort before D because their priorities are equal. The overridden title is not used for sorting.

Also, the code automatically deduces that C and D are second-level under A.

I don't think this is hard to code up and it's what I've been using with rest2web and it's served me well.

There is a problem though if this navbar were included in a sidebar (the logical place): if a page is updated, the navbar needs to be rebuilt which causes the sidebar to be rebuilt, which causes the whole site to be rebuilt. Unless we can subscribe only to title changes, this will be pretty bad...


I've just written a plugin for a automatically created menu for use here. The source is at gitorious. The problem with rebuilding remains unsolved but doesn't matter that much for me as I always generate the web site myself, ie it's not really a wiki. --?lnussel