An option to have absolute urls in wikilinks instead of relative ones would be useful, for pages included into other pages out of the wiki rendering process (shtml for example) since these pages can be included from a subdir. Ditto, links from [[!inline ..]] or [[!map ..]].

You can make a wikilink absolute by prefixing it with a /, see linkingrules. Pagespecs match absolute by default. But what do you mean "included from a subdir"? If you inline a page, its links shouldn't change. --Ethan

I want the "last pages" in my sidebar. and some links to a few special pages. [[!inline ]] or [[!map ]] in the sidebar is a bad idea, (because each update rebuilds all the wiki), so I use server-side-include instead of the sidebar plugin; this reduces the dependencies my sidebar is generated as, so all the links generated by [[!inline ]] or [[!map ]] are relative to this position. Included from, the links are broken.

— NicolasLimare