Stuff the attachment plugin is currently missing, that might be nice to add:

  • Add a progress bar for attachment uploads (needs AJAX stuff..)
  • Maybe optimise the "Insert Links" button with javascript, so, if javascript is available, the link is inserted at the current cursor position in the page edit form, without actually reposting the form. (Falling back to the current reposting of the form if javascript is not available of course.)
  • Allow files to be attached from the add comments form, as well as the edit page.
  • An option to not rcs_add new attachments, but just write them to the srcdir. This would allow the admin to review them, and manually add/delete them before they bloat history.

I'd be inclined to implement that one by writing them to a nominated underlay, I think, rather than having them in the srcdir but not in the VCS. My album plugin could benefit from this functionality, although in that case the photos should probably just stay in the underlay forever (I already use an underlay on my own websites for photos and software releases, which are too big to want them in the VCS permanently.) --smcv