The pages in the basewiki should be fully self-documenting as far as what users need to know to edit pages in the wiki. Formatting documents the basics, but doesn't include every preprocessor directive.

Thanks to Joey's work applying and fixing up my patches, this is mostly done. The one thing I'd add above the way things currently work would be to add the listdirectives plugin to goodstuff. Doing that requires making the decision about whether you really want the documentation in every wiki - it is 200k. -- Will

I don't think that it needs to be in goodstuff to close this, though I might decide to add it to goodstuff later. done --Joey

Note that there's a disctinction between being self-documenting for users, and being complete documentation for ikiwiki. The basewiki is not intended to be the latter, so it lacks the usage page, all the plugin pages, etc.

I've made some progress toward making the basewiki self-documenting by moving the docs about using templates, shortcuts, and blogs from the plugin pages, onto the pages in the basewiki.

Here are some of the things that are not documented in full in the basewiki:

joey@kodama:~/src/ikiwiki/doc/plugins>grep usage *
aggregate.mdwn:## usage
graphviz.mdwn:page.  Example usage:
graphviz.mdwn:amounts of processing time and disk usage.
img.mdwn:## usage
linkmap.mdwn:set of pages in the wiki. Example usage:
map.mdwn:This plugin generates a hierarchical page map for the wiki. Example usage:
postsparkline.mdwn:# usage
sparkline.mdwn:# usage
sparkline.mdwn:more detail in [its wiki](
table.mdwn:## usage

Meta is another one.

See also: Conditional Underlay Files