Currently ikiwiki linkifies text, then runs preprocessor directives. This allows a directive to contain a wikilink inside a parameter, but since the wikilink expands to some arbitrary html, the parameter needs to be triple-quoted to avoid quotes in the expanded text from leaking out. This is rather non-obvious.

One fix would be to switch the order, since linkification and preprocessing are relatively independant. Some directives, like inline, would need to keep on linkifiying the inlined pages, to make the links be resolved correctly, but that's ok. Any directives that outputed stuff that looked like a wikilink, but wasn't, would need to be changed.

This solution has been implemented and seems ok.

An alternative would be to change the wikilink regexp so it doesn't apply to wikilinks that are embedded inside preprocessor directives. I haven't found a way to do that yet, since perl doesn't allow variable-width negative lookbehind.

Maybe processing wikilinks and preprocessor directives as part of the same loop would work, but that probably has its own issues.