Pages could have a linktitle (perhaps via meta), and wikilinks could use that title by default when linking to the page. That would allow pages to have a simple, easily linkable name (without spaces, for instance), but use the proper title for links. For example, Directive could use the linktitle "preprocessor directive", and pages for users could have linktitles that put spaces in their names.

Ideally, perhaps two versions of the title could exist, one for general use, and an optional one for if the case in the actual link starts with an uppercase letter. That would allow directive to use the link text "preprocessor directive", but Directive to use the link text "Preprocessor Directive", for use at the beginnings of sentences. If the second version did not exist, the first version would apply to both cases. However, that also seems like potential overkill, and less important than the basic functionality of linktitle. --JoshTriplett