One feature of mediawiki which I quite like is the ability to mark a change as 'minor', or 'trivial'. This can then be used to filter the 'recentchanges' page, to only show substantial edits.

The utility of this depends entirely on whether the editors use it properly.

I currently use an inline on the front page of my personal homepage to show the most recent pages (by creation date) within a subsection of my site (a blog). Blog posts are rarely modified much after they are 'created' (or published - I bodge the creation time via meta when I publish a post. It might sit in draft form indefinitely), so this effectively shows only non-trivial changes.

I would like to have a short list of the most recent modifications to the site on the front page. I therefore want to sort by modified time rather than creation time, but exclude edits that I self-identify as minor. I also only want to take a short number of items, the top 5, and display only their titles (which may be derived from filename, or set via meta again).

I'm still thinking through how this might be achieved in an ikiwiki-suitable fashion, but I think I need a scheme to identify certain edits as trivial. This would have to work via web edits (easier: could add a check box to the edit form) and plain changes in the VCS (harder: scan for keywords in a commit message? in a VCS-agnostic fashion?)