I'd like to be able to drop an unmodified RFC2822 email message into ikiwiki, and get it formatted to HTML. Something like this: http://lwn.net/Articles/287056/

We're discussing doing just that (well, whole mailboxes, really) over in comment by mail --Joey

The mailbox plugin is roughly feature complete at this point. It can read mbox, maildir, and MH folders, does threading, and deals with MIME (now with pagespec based sanity checking). No doubt lots of things could be be improved, and it hasn't been tested a great deal. Formatting of the body could be attempted as well. -- DavidBremner

One hitch I noticed was that it is not currently possible to treat a maildir or an MH directory as a page (i.e. just call it foo.mh and have it transformed to page foo). I'm not sure if this is possible and worthwhile to fix. It is certainly workable to use a [[!mailbox ]] directive. -- DavidBremner