Need a way to sign name in page that's easier to type than "--[[Joey]]" and that includes the date.

What syntax do other wikis use for this? I'm considering "[[--]]" as it has a nice nmemonic.

OTOH, adding additional syntax for this would be counter to one of the design goals for ikiwiki: keeping as much markup as possible out of the wiki and not adding nonstandard markup. And it's not significantly hard to type "--[[Joey]]", and as to the date, we do have page history.

I'm also unsure how to possibly implement this. Seems ikiwiki would need to expand the rune to the user's name when a page is saved, but that leaves out svn commits.

Or, just make a sig plugin that expands ~~~~ and ~~~ as wikipedia does. The plugin could be an editcontent hook, so it would take effect only when a page was edited via the web.

I tried implementing this, but to make the link to the user, I wanted to use userlink(), which generates html. But the right thing to generate is really a wikilink. Except for openid, when the best thing to generate is a markdown link. Except when the page isn't formatted in markdown..