if i understand multiple template directories correctly, i read it as templates directories being separate from themes. shouldn't a themer be able to ship more than just a CSS and instead override the (say) page.tmpl page? -- anarcat

A theme can ship any files it wants to, including templates (in the templates/ directory).

So far none of them do; I'd much rather have one version of page.tmpl to maintain than one per theme.. --Joey

that, dear author, is amazingly simple, intuitive and useful. why didn't i try this before! :) thank you very much!

i do agree that having a completely different template file is tricky, but I think it's important for themes to be able to modify those files, otherwise making themes is really hard. besides the burden of maintenance falls on the theme maintainer, and as long as it's not in ikiwiki core, you have nothing to worry about... right? ;)

i have just ported the night_city theme to ikiwiki, and it was a nightmare when i wasn't modifying the page.tmpl... but now it's done! i'll try to publish my changes somewhere when i finish figuring out how to share small things like that easily. ;) (suggestions?)

i guess the only thing to be done here is to update the documentation so that this is clearer - where do you suggest I do that? --anarcat

i have updated the theme documentation, hopefully that was the right place. so i think this is done --anarcat

I would love it it you would share your theme! Thanks, Adam. :-)