Some inconsistences around the toplevel index page:

  • ikiwiki is a separate page; links to ikiwiki should better go to the index though.

    At least for this wiki, I turned out to have a use for ikiwiki pointing to a different page, though the general point might still stand.

  • The toplevel ?Discussion page has some weird parentlinks behavior. This could be special cased around with the following patch. However, I'm unsure if I like the idea of more special cases around this. It would be better to find a way to make the toplevel index page not be a special case at all.

Here is a patch:

--- IkiWiki/   (revision 1187)
+++ IkiWiki/   (working copy)
@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@
        my $path="";
        my $skip=1;
        return if $page eq 'index'; # toplevel
+       $path=".." if $page=~s/^index\///;
        foreach my $dir (reverse split("/", $page)) {
                if (! $skip) {

Came up with a better patch for this, done --Joey

I would like to suggest another tack, namely a bigger, better special case. The basic idea is that all indices of the form foo/bar/index get the wiki path foo/bar. You could do this today using index.html allowed, except that the toplevel page "index" becomes "", which causes all sorts of chaos. The discussion page would become /discussion, and the weird parentlinks behavior would go away. --Ethan