Ok, the vision is this: Some of you will know git-svn. I want something like git-svn,, but for wikis. I want to be able to do the following:

  1. Convert a moinmoin (or whatever) wiki to a local ikiwiki on my laptop.
  2. Edit my local copy (offline).
  3. Preview the changes with my local ikiwki installation + browser.
  4. Push the changes back to moinmoin (or whatever) wiki.

I know, I know, ikiwiki wasn't designed for that, but it would be really cool, and useful and people ask for that kind of thing too.

--David Riebenbauer

I have worked on this a little, for Mediawiki. My script is able to incrementally import changes from mediawiki, but doesn't push them back in. One of the big issues I found in doing that is that most wikis have Captcha or anti-spam controls that will make automating those steps difficult. See convert mediawiki to ikiwiki for the script. -- anarcat