Adam Trickett


I'm a long time hacker of sorts, I like to program in Perl on Debian systems but work pays me to program in ABAP (COBOL) on SAP.

I like wikis and I'm currently in love with ikiwiki, having moved my home intranet from a home made template solution to ikiwiki over a weekend. I'm using ikiwiki more like a web content management system (e.g. RedDot) rather than a traditional wiki.

My Links

  • iredale dot net my web server and main blog
  • ajt my Perkmonks home node
  • ATRICKETT my CPAN folder
  • ajt my Debian-Administration home (good site btw)
  • ajt by blipfoto photo blog
  • drajt my LinkedIn profile
  • drajt my "Slidespace" on SlideShare
  • AdamTrickett my wiki page on my LUG's site