Jeremy, what about OpenID users? Do they also have Preferences? I don't use openid plugin in my ikiwiki, so I can't check whether OpenID users are stored in .ikiwiki/userdb file. --Paweł

OpenID users are first-class users. It's even possible to set the adminuser config option to an OpenID. The preferences work the same as for any other user. --Joey

Thanks a lot for your explanation! But I have a next question :) What about password of OpenID users? I can see in Preferences page that I can change my password there. Has it a sense? After all I store my OpenID password on OpenID server and I don't want to do it on ikiwiki home page site. --Paweł

This wiki is currently configured to use both passwordauth and openid, so it's possible to create an account by signing in with an openid, then enter a password for that account, and then log in using the openid and the password. Though I can't imagine why you'd waint to do that.. The password stuff goes away if passwordauth is disabled.

OK, I see it now :) The reason I can't do it (if I don't need it) is very simple: why to put my password in two places if I can to do it in one? ;)

BTW, have you had a sleep this night? ;) Here, in Poland, the time is 1:30 PM (in your timezone is 7:30 AM), but we're just discussing for about 3 hours... --Paweł

I would be quite interested in inheriting a banned users list from ikiwiki. More generally, the ikiwiki community might benefit from sharing ban lists amongst each other. Some way to achieve that as part of the existing work/data flows (git pulls etc.) would be interesting. That might require defining banned users in other places than just the setup file, though. -- Jon